1,000 feet and climbing…

This week has turned out unexpectedly well and I’m feeling quite chipper. I went out for a few runs, work went smoothly and tomorrow morning I’m actually going to play some golf for the first time in months.

I took my running kit to work on Monday even though I wasn’t feeling very energetic. I had a really interesting meeting with one of our consultants, discussing the framework we’re building in Azure, seeing the U-SQL pipelines he’d created from my systems analysis of our on-premises SAS Data Warehouse and then discussing how I can do that myself. I felt really encouraged and in a flight of madness grabbed my bag and headed off for a run.

I didn’t run on Tuesday, but Wednesday my workmate asked me to join him at lunchtime. He’s been running for a couple of months now, so had markedly more stamina than me and broke off for a longer loop whilst I headed back more directly. It pushed me much more than I’d done on Monday and I was practically high on the endorphins for the rest of the day. I even did my weekly shop in the evening, cleaned the kitchen and made a massive salad for dinner before feeling pleasantly zonked by 10pm. I went for another run yesterday, in the hour between work and a colleague’s leaving drinks, and again this lunchtime, making four runs in five days.

I’ve been feeling both more relaxed and more energised simultaneously, mentally calm and physically energetic, which is a really nice combination. Work has been going well and I even shifted that complex ad-hoc query I’ve been putting off for weeks, as well as getting another difficult chunk of systems analysis ready to be coded in our Azure warehouse. I’ve also been craving proper food, healthy stuff like salad and meat instead of processed rubbish, and feeling better rested each morning.

So tomorrow it’s off to Delapre for breakfast and a session on the range, maybe even a trip round Jacks, the par 3. Then I’ll be doing a run round my local park on Sunday ready for another good week, fingers crossed.