I've always had an innate ability to mix dance music, starting off with my mate's Hard House and then moving over to D&B shortly afterwards.  I find House quite boring and simple to mix whereas there's a challenge mixing breakbeat.  I can teach anyone with a reasonable ear to mix House regardless of whether they know the tunes they mix, but learning to mix D&B well takes much more effort due to the greater variety of sounds, and the more irregular compositions.  House is predictable, D&B can do anything at any moment.

I've played out live a few times but have never really chased the dream of becoming a regular DJ, as it requires too much running about showing your face at each and every possible event, and usually boils down to who you know and not what you know.  I don't like having to mix alongside MC's which greatly reduces the number of events I could play at!

I'm always happy to play a set somewhere if there's a free slot, so if you fancy booking me please have a listen to my Mixcloud profile and give me a shout.


Here's the latest live mix I did, a little B2B session with my friend Lozarythmic.  It's got a few mistakes but on the whole is pretty good considering it was totally unplanned.  Unfortunately our previous recordings from the night had to be thrown out because the levels were all wrong and the resulting clipping was simply unlistenable!

I've also got an old Prodigy mashup I did in the studio. Using only tracks from two Prodigy albums ("Music for the Jilted Generation" and "Outnumbered but Never Outgunned") I had a good go at throwing together the best tracks whilst dealing with the range of tempos Liam used. The result is a "journeying" mix which slowly steps up the pace throughout the mix. Have a listen, I think you'll like it...