Although it may not be music to some people's ears I've been into breakbeat, Drum & Bass in particular, since it first stomped onto the rave scene in the 1990's.  I liked the House scene from which it came, but found 4:4 beats to be dull and lifeless, whereas breakbeat hardcore was really ripping everything up and adding an element of fun that was very quickly disappearing from House as everyone jumped on the bandwagon.  Then Jungle came along and I fell in love.

I started mixing in 2001 when my mate forced me to have a go (I think he just wanted a rest) and took to it instantly.  I've had my own 1200's for years and have played out a few times.  Recently I taught myself to mix on CDJ's too and played a live set on them a few months later which went really well.

Whilst I was getting into mixing but didn't have my own decks I started having a go at production.  I've not been the most prolific producer but have definitely progressed over the years.  Never being one for the dancefloor banger (although I still throw myself on the floor when the time's right) I prefer creating tunes which I consider "armchair/beard-stroking D&B", taking inspiration from Trip Hop (another one of my favourite genres) and Minimalist styles, my tunes tend to be ones which go down well at the end of the night or when you're driving.  I prefer to make my own instruments and loops as relying upon sample packs and loops is a sure-fired way to end up sounding like someone else, whereas I want to sound like me.