Health & Fitness

I used to be very unfit and quite overweight until I was 27, I used to do nothing except stuff my face with around 1500-2000 calories of sweets a day washed down with at least 2 litres of normal coke, but during a period of depression I lost my appetite along with 5 stone in 6 months.  I realised I'd become almost emaciated but I had to work hard to gain any weight after that, so I took up traditional jujitsu for 5 years and then joined my younger brother in the gym for the first time at 32. Since then I've tried all sorts of weird and wonderful exercise routines, but since July 2012 I've been doing full body high intensity weight training as recommended in "Body by Science" by McGuff and Little, a fascinating and quite logical way to exercise for maximising your genetic health and fitness potential without sacrificing your knees in the process.

I also adopted a palaeolithic diet a month or so later, which means the only carbohydrates I eat are low GI, green leafy veg, but I eat as much meat and dairy as I want basically.  This was also as a result of reading a book, this time "Why We Get Fat, And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes, who argues that it is processed cereals and sugars which have caused the current obesity problem, and that by reducing insulin resistance (or slowing it's gain anyway) is the only way to stay in shape and have a much better chance at avoiding a lot of the "modern" illnesses such as cancers, diabetes and the whole range of bowel complaints.

These two regimes have turned into more of a lifestyle really and one that isn't too difficult really; no processed food except for the ocassional refeed day and doing extremely heavy weights for about 20 minutes once a week.  The effects are pretty good too as I've gone down to 12% bodyfat and have 43% muscle, without having to do the traditional build and burn that bodybuilders use. I've given a bit more detail in the Training and Diet pages.