Site Progress

Hey folks, just to let you know I'm still working on the site, updating pages and adding new ones as I go.  Here's a rundown of the latest changes:


  • Completed
    • Updated Consultancy page.
    • Added sub-pages to introduce my web design and Android programming services.
  • To Do
    • Create pages to portfolio ongoing Android work and prototypes.


  • Completed
    • Updated Music page.
    • Added sub-pages to cover production and DJing.
    • Added Mixcloud links to two recent mixes.
  • To Do
    • Embedding produced tunes from Soundcloud.

Health & Fitness

  • Completed
    • Updated Health & Fitness page.
    • Added sub pages to discuss Training and Diet separately.
  • To Do
    • Add page to discuss training Technique.
    • Add page for training Progress, maybe write a custom block to allow for easy input and comparison across sessions.


  • Completed
    • Updated About page and added music and health/fitness disclaimers.
  • To Do
    • Rejig Contact and Guestbook pages

As you can see I've been quite busy and still have loads to be getting on with. Along with the new content yet to be written I'm also going to be redoing the site's overall design and bringing it a little closer to a finished product.

I could hide the in development pages from all of you lovely users, but I feel that overtly showing the changes as they happen allows you to see how things are progressing and hopefully get some feedback... after all, you guys are the ones who have to use the site! Obviously I am more sensitive when developing sites professionally, my customers always get the final say in what goes live and when; in fact this CMS allows me to set up multiple users and give them different priviledges for editing, viewing and authorising page changes, neat eh?

I may keep some of the more bespoke developments, such as creating a custom way to display training progress, under wraps as it will allow me to experiment without fear of it causing problems throughout the rest of the site.

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